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Salmon Scotland represents the Scottish salmon sector, the UK’s biggest food export. We are a source of trusted information and represent our members’ interests in Scotland, across the UK and internationally.
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Salmon Scotland is proud to represent Scotland's salmon producers and companies from across the wider Scottish salmon supply chain. Find out more about our members and how to contact them.
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Moulded Foams
Moulded Foams is the leading designer and manufacturer of cellular foam solutions in the UK.
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Scottish salmon is the UK's top food export


The UK's number one food export, enjoyed in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Generating over £600 million worth of exports every year.

The Scottish salmon sector has a commitment to becoming net zero by 2045.

A supply chain which covers the length and breadth of Scotland and includes more than 3,600 businesses.

Scottish salmon production around the west coast, Highlands and islands of Scotland provides 850million healthy, nutritious meals every year.

Scottish salmon adds over £760 million GVA to the economy.

people directly employed by our salmon farming companies, and sustaining a further 10,000 directly-dependent jobs across Scotland.
Low carbon

Scottish salmon has the lowest carbon footprint of all major animal proteins, it's one of the most nutritious foods you can put on your plate.

Scottish salmon is the UK's number one food export. It is enjoyed in ...

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Scottish salmon has a lower carbon footprint than most other farming sectors, and produces more ...

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Fish health and welfare are at the heart of successful Scottish salmon farming. It is ...

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The substantial library of evidence from multiple studies on nutrients present in seafood indicates that ...

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Scotland's salmon farmers invest both time and hundreds of thousands of pounds every ...

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April 10th, 2024
Brokering a better Brexit deal

Salmon Scotland chief executive Tavish Scott says the coming General Election is an opportunity to reset the UK’s relationship with the EU and smooth the vital flow of trade.

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April 4th, 2024
Salmon Scotland secures protected status update

Salmon Scotland secures protected status update

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April 3rd, 2024
Salmon farmers clear 23 tonnes of litter from Scottish beaches

Volunteers from Scottish salmon farms cleared away more than 23 tonnes of litter from Highlands and islands beaches last year as part of efforts to keep the areas they live and work clean.

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Interested in working in an industry with innovative practices, dedication to sustainability, and significant contribution to the country's economy? Find out more about careers in the salmon farming sector.
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Tackling The Rural Housing Crisis

The Scottish salmon sector believes it is key to tackle the rural housing crisis, in order to allow people to work in the sector and help communities thrive.