Scottish salmon is the UK's top food export, with sales worth £578 million in 2022, according to official statistics released by the UK Government.

France, the USA and China were the top three markets of a total of 54 countries which imported Scottish salmon, according to figures published by HMRC.

Our near neighbours, France, continues to be the largest market for Scottish salmon with sales worth £305 million and 53% of all Scottish salmon exports, followed by USA (£131 million), and China (£37 million).

The EU accounted for 64 per cent of the volume of global Scottish salmon exports and 23% of all Scottish slmon exports headed across the Atlantic to the United States.

Scottish salmon also made up more than half of all fish and seafood exports from Scotland and 33 per cent of the UK-wide fish and seafood total, rising to 41 per cent - or £705 million - with smoked and processed salmon included.

Scottish salmon is the UK's biggest single food export, outperforming bakery goods, chocolate, cheese, cereals and lamb.