Scottish salmon is one of rural Scotland's great success stories, offering higher than average wages and opportunities for people to build lifelong careers.

Scotland's seven major salmon producers directly employ over 2,300 people. Many of those employees, around 1,500, live in remote areas where they form the mainstays of local communities.

The average wage in Scottish salmon farming is £34,000, much of which goes straight into those areas which host the farms. On top of that are local supply chains where Scottish salmon farming supports another 10,000 jobs. Boat builders, feed suppliers and hauliers are just some of the people reliant on the sector to help provide them with a living.

This offers more than just jobs, it also offers people an opportunity to work in the area they grew up in and to return to their local community after completing their education elsewhere.

In turn local schools can thrive as the number of children of employees can sometimes make the difference in ensuring the local school roll is big enough to be viable.

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