Our farms. Your Safety
Our beautiful Scottish waters are used for all types of leisure pursuits such as wild swimming, kayaking, sailing and diving. We want you to have fun enjoying the unique environments in which we farm but we ask you to do so safely.

Staying into salmon farms holds real dangers for water users and entering these working environments without authority or supervision can present real risks. And it's not just what you can see on the surface, such as workboats and pen structures, that could present a problem. There is a risk to persons and property from structures and pipes under the water that may not be visible from the surface including mooring ropes, chains, pipes, cables, anchors and nets.

A safe haven for our salmon, and for our farmers
The health and welfare of our fish and those who care for them is our top priority. Unauthorised visits to fish farms place employees and the animals they care for at risk and subjects them to unnecessary stress. Entering farms, climbing on or in structures not only impedes their work but can affect their ability to follow the strict health, safety and animal welfare procedures required of them.

Stay safe, respect the buoys
Salmon farm boundaries are marked by buoys, staying outside of them is the best way to look after yourself and help us to look after our fish. Thank you.