No, Scottish salmon are not crammed into seawater pens. In Scotland our salmon are stocked in line with the best scientific research with around just 1.5% fish to 98.5% seawater. This allows for plenty of space for every salmon swim while also allowing for natural shoaling behaviours to occur.

It's worth remembering that the structure you can see on the surface is just the very top of the pen. Salmon pens can be up to 120 metres in circumference and be as deep as 30 metres.

Scottish salmon farmer hand-feeding fish

Sited to harness the natural tides and currents it means that each pen is filled with millions of litres of free-flowing, clean, oxygen-rich seawater.

Scotland has among the lowest aquaculture stocking densities in the world - equating to 15kg to 17.5kg of fish per cubic tonne (1000kg) of seawater. By comparison US and Danish land-based salmon farms stock at a density of around 140kg of fish per cubic tonne.