The Scottish salmon farming sector no longer uses acoustic deterrent devices (ADDs) that may have been considered to cause disturbance to European Protected Species (EPS).

Any deployment of next generation devices by Scottish salmon farmers must be done through a science-led approach, in compliance with Marine Scotland and the U.S. Marine Mammals Protection Act (MMPA), and with confidence that no harm will be caused to protected species.

Our sector remains committed to prioritising innovation and investment in the health and welfare of our fish and the environment in which they are reared. It is critical however that farmers have deterrents available to protect livestock from seal predation should it be necessary.

In 2020 seal attacks were responsible for the deaths of more than 500,000 Scottish farmed salmon.

Salmon farmers in Scotland recognise and welcome the value of further research to refine and enhance acoustic devices that can protect farmed fish without disruption to other species. This includes working with several academic institutions to develop the science in this field.