Technical Standard for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture

The Technical Standard for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture determines the technical requirements for fish farm equipment in Scotland. It applies to all species of finfish including salmon, trout and halibut.

Alongside established training requirements, the standard help ensure all finfish farms in Scotland have the appropriate equipment and operational procedures to minimise the risk of escapes.

The history of Scottish salmon farming

The first attempts to farm Atlantic salmon in Scotland were driven by a desire to improve wild salmon runs, with the earliest recorded effort to incubate and hatch salmon eggs taking place back in 1838.

This accelerated during the Victorian era with eggs and smolts (juvenile fish) cultivated to restock rivers. By 1890 there were 18 hatcheries operating in Scotland.

The ability to rear healthy Atlantic salmon to maturity however took another 80 years. Scottish ingenuity saw the first marine fish farm established at Loch Ailort in Inverness-shire in 1965.

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