When it comes to providing tasty, nutritious meals in an environmentally friendly way, Scotland’s salmon farmers are well placed to deliver.

We have a lower carbon footprint than most other farming sectors, use less freshwater and produce more edible meat for every tonne of feed used.

We’ve also been investing on a multi-million pound scale to minimise our use of veterinary medicines, reduce any impact on the seabed, work within regulatory limits on what the marine environment can naturally sustain and safeguard other freshwater and marine life.

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However, we recognise there’s more that can and must be done. Fortunate enough to work and live in some of the country’s most beautiful locations, we’re inspired on a daily basis to play our part in ensuring they stay that way for generations to come.

We know that achieving it will involve sizeable changes over the longer term, such as transitioning to greener energies, diverting potential waste into valuable by-products and reducing our use of plastics.

Equally, we know that because of our size and reach, even small changes delivered in the short-term can make a positive difference; changes such as coordinating our efforts to collect marine debris, adopting more ecofriendly building approaches and installing electric vehicle charging points for shared use.

Perhaps most importantly of all, we know that, to maximise our impact, sustainability needs to underpin everything we do: from the way we care for our fish and protect our local environment, to sourcing responsibly, developing our people, and listening to our communities.

  • We will apply the highest standards of animal welfare
  • We will work continuously to minimise our impact and ensure a healthy environment
  • We will produce healthy, nutritious food with full traceability every step of the way
  • Will we become the sector of choice for people looking to make a positive difference
  • We will be good neighbours in every way, increasing our positive social impact

A commitment of this size and scale isn’t one that we will deliver alone. It will take the vision, belief, knowledge, expertise, passion, energy, tenacity, resources and might of many.

But that collective effort starts here and it starts now. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.

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