The Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture (CoGP) is the result of an agreed industry action arising from the 2003 Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture.

First published in 2006, it is an evolving document, regularly reviewed to incorporate elements of change in legislation and emerging priorities in environmental management.

Salmon in Scotland is farmed to world-class standards, including those laid out in the CoGP. Importantly, the Code’s 500 checkpoints, covering every aspect of Scottish salmon farming, are independently audited.

The Code reflects the industry’s desire to remain at the forefront of good practice and provides assurance to all stakeholders, consumers and the general public that Scottish finfish aquaculture is a responsible sector, one producing a range of products of which Scotland can be justifiably proud.

Based on science and experience, it brings the standard of practice of every participating farmer up to a specified acceptable level.

All members of the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) subscribe to the CoGP.

Standards in the industry go well beyond the basic regulatory requirements and ensure not only that the sector continues in its shared development of good practice, but also that Scottish aquaculture products meet the high-quality standards consistent with current and future sustainable development.

The 2015 review of the Code incorporates criteria relating to the latest industry developments and outcomes of working groups constituted within the framework of the various Ministerial Groups on Aquaculture. All the criteria within the Code are supplementary to existing legislation.

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