The health and safety of all those working in Scottish Aquaculture is of paramount importance. That's why Scotland's salmon farmers are all members of the Aquaculture Safety Group (ASG), which exists to promote safe working practices across the sector: from salmon and trout farming to shellfish production.

In addition to working together to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of all those working in the sector is an absolute priority the ASG also provides an educational service to sector employers and employees.

MCA demonstration at 2019 Scottish Aquaculture Safety Day (NAFC Scalloway, Shetland)

Among initiatives are regular Aquaculture Safety Days where attendees can take part in workshops, watch demonstrations, get access to expert advice and share learnings, experience and resulting best practice.

Recent guest speakers have included the likes of Professor Michael Tipton, an expert in the human body's physiological and psychological responses to adverse environments, and whose extensive research underpins the much of the RNLI's guidance surrounding cold water immersion.