Meeting the world’s growing demand for protein requires smarter data-driven farming and decision making.

Aquabyte’s culture combines the best of Silicon Valley with the foremost expertise from the global aquaculture industry.

Aquabyte has developed a unique all in one platform and solved global distribution within a self-service model. The platform provides fish farmers with critical value, and delivers at the intersection of computer vision, machine learning, edge processing, and fish biology.

They deliver an all-in-one platform; a single camera that can do everything - automatic lice counting, labor savings, less stress for fish, better welfare scoring, and biomass control.

They have also solved global distribution with a self-service model. Data driven and smarter decisions all over the world.


Aquabyte in the Media

May 3rd, 2023
Silicon Valley's Aquabyte join Salmon Scotland

Last month, Salmon Scotland was delighted to welcome its latest member, Aquabyte, an organisation which blends the technological expertise of Silicon Valley with a deep knowledge of the global aquaculture industry.

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