The global leader in fish health and vaccines, Pharmaq are dedicated to supporting sustainable growth in the global aquaculture industry.

As their customers face ever-increasing demands for profitability, quality and sustainability, fish vaccines have now become an essential part of the aquaculture sector.

With 36 years of dedicated R&D on fish health and vaccines, and around 375 dedicated employees, Pharmaq help to deliver around 2 billion fish vaccine doses annually.

Pharmaq’s innovative drive is based on the need to produce sustainable, safe and healthy seafood. As fish continues to be the most consumed source of animal protein worldwide, they believe that fish health management tools, such as fish vaccines, are key to developing a sustainable growth in global aquaculture.


Pharmaq in the Media

June 30th, 2022
Expanding the Salmon Scotland membership: Benefitting the nation's economy

Salmon Scotland is delighted to expand our membership to include partners from our supply chain. This is in recognition of the essential role they play in supporting our Scottish salmon producers and the significant and sustainable contribution they make to local and national economies.

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April 19th, 2022
Salmon Scotland expands to welcome partner members from supply chain

Salmon Scotland expands to welcome partner members from supply chain

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