Fresh Scottish salmon is an incredibly easy ingredient to cook with. Available in all supermarkets and fishmongers it is also suitable for home-freezing.

Used in cooking in more than 50 countries around the world salmon, with its subtle flavours and firm texture, is also an extremely versatile fish.

The Love Scottish Salmon YouTube channel is full of fantastic recipe videos and information about how and where some of the world's finest fish is grown. But here's a few suggestions to get you started on your own culinary adventure.

Baked salmon in a garlic and herb butter

Salmon fillets with caraway seeds and fresh spinach

Roasted salmon with 'superfood' chia seeds

Marinated salmon kebabs with fried rice and a peanut curry sauce

Baked salmon with goats cheese and a honey mustard dressing

Want more? Click here for Six Global Fusion Scottish Salmon recipes.

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