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February 10th 2022

Salmon Scotland responds to Russel Griggs report

Chief Executive of Salmon Scotland, Tavish Scott, responds to the publication of the Russel Griggs report.

"The Scottish Government now has a blueprint for change that can make Scotland a world leader in regulating the blue economy. Scotland's salmon sector and the 10,000 people we support, are grateful to Professor Russel Griggs for his independent review. The Scottish Government are to be congratulated for commissioning this work - an assessment of the existing regulatory regime which as the report states, does not work.

"The challenge, a challenge we embrace, is to implement the Review's recommendations. We will work with Government and stakeholders to build an aquaculture regulatory framework that is better, efficient and more transparent than before. One that delivers the right balance between the environment, the economy and the social licence of fish farming. Russel Griggs has given all those involved in a £1billion Scottish success story a routemap to becoming internationally competitive in delivering protein for the domestic market and overseas. We urge the Scottish Government to grasp this opportunity."

View the full report here.