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March 11th 2020

The Scottish Government has announced a consultation to seek views about whether mandatory measures to control the harvesting of live wrasse for the salmon farming sector should be introduced.

Anne Anderson, Sustainability Director of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) said:

"Following the successful pilot of voluntary measures, we welcome this consultation to consider how to strengthen and maintain sustainable wrasse fisheries.

"We continue to support the gathering of data which will provide greater depth of information and analysis. In turn, this will assist with the development of adaptive management for the fisheries."

The consultation can be viewed by clicking here.

The Scottish salmon farming sector already adheres to a voluntary code of measures, introduced in 2018, aimed at insuring the improved sustainability of inshore wrasse fisheries.

The SSPO is also committed to the voluntary publication of data around the use of wild caught wrasse and in 2019 published its first annual report on the fishery.

Speaking at the time Julie Hesketh-Laird, the Chief Executive of the SSPO said:

"This first voluntary data publication offers valuable insight into the wrasse fishery and will, year-on-year help build a picture of the fishery. This enhanced transparency demonstrates the seriousness with which the Scottish salmon sector takes its responsibilities as a good marine neighbour and will help build stronger relationships with the important inshore fishers who supply wrasse.

"The sector's collation and reporting of wrasse data goes beyond what is required by regulators, showing yet again our clear commitment to openness and sustainability."

For more information about the use of wrasse as cleaner fish in the Scottish salmon farming sector click here.