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March 11th 2022

Scottish salmon exports continued their post-Covid recovery with a year-on-year increase to £37million in January.

The UK Government figures show a 95 per cent rise from £19million in January 2021.

In the 12 months to January, it means £632million worth of Scottish salmon was exported, up 49 per cent on same period last year, with volumes up 42 per cent to 99,400 tonnes.

The growth came despite the challenges of stormy weather throughout January.

The EU accounted for 63 per cent of the volume of global Scottish salmon exports in the month, with France the dominant European market.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Scottish salmon being awarded the 'Label Rouge', the official recognition by the French authorities of the superior quality of a food or farmed product.

The farm-raised salmon sector directly employs 2,500 people in Scotland and supports more than 3,600 suppliers, with 10,000 jobs dependent on it.

In the calendar year 2021, salmon overseas sales increased to £614million - confirming its place as the UK's biggest food export.

Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Salmon Scotland, said:

"Demand for our unrivalled farm-raised Scottish salmon continues to grow, as demonstrated in the latest monthly figures.

"After such a difficult economic period during Covid, and with harsh weather conditions throughout January, this demonstrates the dedication of our farmers.

"These export sales produce a massive economic benefit for rural and coastal communities in Scotland, delivering thousands of highly-skilled, well-paid jobs. "But it isn't just about economics, as everyone in Scotland can be proud that we produce such as high-quality nutritious product with rigorous environmental and welfare standards and a low carbon footprint."