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January 7th 2021

Tavish Scott, Chief Executive of Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO), said:

"Some problems have arisen in getting Scottish salmon to our important EU markets within 24 hours.

"However, we are working with Scotland Food and Drink, Food Standards Scotland and the Scottish Government to find swift and pragmatic ways to resolve the situation, such as prioritising loads of single products - like salmon - which will help them reach the key market in Boulogne-sur-Mer more quickly.

"We will be watching carefully over the coming days to ensure that the processes operate more rapidly and that Scottish salmon is in a strong position to satisfy demand in our much-valued European markets."

Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation CEO Tavish Scott

In January around 3,100 tonnes of whole, fresh/chilled salmon worth £23million is exported to the EU (the vast majority going through France).
Every day over 100 tonnes of whole, fresh Scottish salmon are en route to the EU.
Export valuation of £750,000 every day in January.