The Scottish salmon farming sector takes a long-term view of ensuring that fish health and survival improve and that Scotland can lead in fish health status.

The SSPO and its member companies are committed to contributing to the Scottish Government’s 10 year “Farmed Fish Health Framework” that will help develop an ambitious and measurable road map for increasing farmed salmonid survival, to further underpin the sustainability of this vital sector to Scotland’s rural economy.

As part of the overall framework, salmon farmers committed to publishing salmon mortality data on a farm-by-farm basis from 2018. This data collection builds on industry reporting on lice numbers that has been in place for a number of years.

How the SSPO reports survival data

The level of survival on a fish farm can be reported in a number of different ways. SSPO reports two different figures for each farm to reflect the monthly mortality and the cumulative mortality.

  • Monthly mortality (%) is the percentage of fish lost on a farm within that month. This is the measure used by the Scottish Government’s Fish Health Inspectorate when assessing the health of the fish on the farm.
  • Cumulative mortality over full production cycle (%) is the percentage of fish lost on a farm during the entire production cycle, given as a percentage of the total number of fish that were initially stocked on the farm. It is reported once the entire farm has been fully harvested and fallowed.

Monthly reports for 2018

  • 1.35% average for January 2018
  • 0.94% average for February 2018
  • 1.49% average for March 2018
  • 1.32% average for April 2018
  • 0.76% average for May 2018
  • 0.54% average for June 2018
  • 1.05% average for July 2018
  • 1.55% average for August 2018
  • 1.57% average for September 2018
  • 1.49% average for October 2018
  • 1.07% average for November 2018
  • 1.03% average for December 2018

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