The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) Curriculum for Excellence aligned learning resources are designed to introduce Aquaculture (salmon farming) to everyone in a simple format for all to enjoy.

There is a series of worksheets, recipes for the ‘Cook Along’ video, a ‘Walk the Farm’ video and a ‘Salmon Story’ Card Game to work with. They will take you through activities to demonstrate where, how and why Scottish Farmed Salmon is important. It will include Health & Wellbeing as well as showcasing why salmon farming is a leading sector that provides skilled jobs and careers for the future.

At a little over 50 years old salmon farming is a relatively new addition to the rich heritage, innovation and diversity of Scottish farming. It has brought economic success to Scotland, valued at approximately £1.3M a day and is Scotland’s largest food export to over 50 countries. The wide range of jobs and skills needed to support this achievement can be seen when you watch the film ‘Walk the Farm’.

In the classroom, at home, online or for an outside education session, the salmon ‘cook along’ recipes and/or hosting a ‘Try & Tell’ tasting session will encourage ‘first time tasters’ to explore what salmon has to offer them. The easy salmon pate recipe uses ‘Ready to Eat’ Hot Smoked or Poached Salmon so no cooking is required. It is a simple assembly of ingredients ending with a tasting session. The video and recipe card will take you through it step by step. However, if you prefer to only do a ‘salmon tasting’ there is a worksheet for host and guests to ‘Try & Tell’ taking you through the experience.

There is a pupil feedback worksheet ‘My Scottish Farmed Salmon experience’ to complete after the salmon activities to evaluate and evidence their CfE experiences and outcomes.

The toolkit contains:

3 Salmon ‘Cook Along’ video demonstrations with teacher’s notes (CLICK HERE):

Salmon Pate – ‘Ready to Eat’ hot smoked or poached followed by a tasting session.
Salmon Fish Fingers - Fresh or chilled Scottish salmon baked with Potato Wedges
Salmon pasta - Cold Smoked Salmon (pieces) a quick, nutritious, easy snack

Scottish Salmon ‘Try & Tell’ tasting session (CLICK HERE):

HOST Scottish Salmon ‘Try & Tell’ tasting session Teachers tasting notes
GUEST WORKSHEET Scottish Salmon Healthy Eating Factsheet and Whiteboard

Health & Wellbeing (HWB) Salmon Facts

Health & Wellbeing Factsheet for WHITEBOARD (CLICK HERE)
Health & Wellbeing Teachers Notes to support Whiteboard HWB Factsheet (CLICK HERE)

PUPIL FEEDBACK Curriculm for Excellence(CfE) E&O’s

Pupil Feedback ‘My Scottish Farmed Salmon Experience’ WORKSHEET evaluation (CLICK HERE)

Teachers – Scottish Salmon Farm Matrix for CfE E&Os (CLICK HERE)

For senior pupils who may already be thinking about the kind of job or career that may suit their aptitudes, the SSPO film ‘Walk the Farm’ filmed on the West Coast of Scotland may give them their first sight of a salmon farm. It will provide an insight to the experts and their roles in salmon farming. It aims to raise awareness of pathways to these opportunities. From scientists who are responsible for the health of the salmon, to technical supporting roles, through to marine engineers. Hopefully this may inspire and attract young people to consider salmon farming for their future.

Walk the Farm video - An insight to what a Scottish Salmon Farm looks like. (CLICK HERE)
Walk the Farm – teachers notes to support the film (CLICK HERE)
Walk the Farm –PUPIL WORKSHEET based on the film (CLICK HERE)

These resources and further information are available on

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The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) Curriculum for Excellence aligned learning resources are designed to introduce…