Interested in working in an industry with innovative practices, dedication to sustainability, and significant contribution to the country's economy? Find out more about careers in the salmon farming sector.

The Scottish farmed salmon sector employs 2,500 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs in every part of the country, with year-round roles paying above the national average salary. Anyone can find a role in aquaculture, with many employers offering industry-recognised training and qualifications, including Modern Apprenticeships. Whether you've been in the sector your whole working life, or feel ready for a career change, there's bound to be something in the Scottish farmed salmon sector for you.

Our producer members are regularly hiring in a range of roles across the country. Click on the links below to view their current openings:

Roles in Aquaculture

Communications & Human Resources
Environment & Compliance
Fish Health
Health & Safety
Sales & Finance
Supply & Logistics