Otter Ferry Seafish

Founded in 1967, Otter Ferry Seafish is one of the longest established Aquaculture businesses in the UK.

The company now specialises in the production of Cleaner fish and is blessed to be in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, where it strives to look after the immediate environment, as well as making the most of the natural resources available. Consistent innovation, determination and resilience has driven the evolution of the business.

Otter Ferry started life as a trout farm in the 1970s, and have continually evolved and diversified until deciding to settle on halibut farming.

In 2009 Otter Ferry diversified further, into wrasse farming. Wrasse is a difficult species to farm, and their purpose is to be deployed to salmon farms to tackle the sea lice problem.

Following on from wrasse, lumpfish arrived in 2014 and Otter Ferry has produced more than 1000,000 juvenile lumpfish. These fill the gap when there are no wrasse.

To this day, the company continues its innovation in sustainable aquaculture.

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Otter Ferry Seafish in the Media

January 31st, 2023
Dunoon youngsters learn more about local jobs in Scottish salmon sector

School pupils in Dunoon will have the opportunity to learn more about the huge range of local jobs in the Scottish salmon sector as part of a new drive to develop the talent of the future.

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